Less trucks, smaller value chain, representatives who produced the product – now streamlining the route to market.

Wholesale Direct to Distributor Out of State


At Matchbook Distilling Company we apply, obtain, and manage all levels of Federal & State compliance for all products. Everything from formula to label approval, brand registration to price filing in all pertinent states – Matchbook’s internal and external teams of compliance experts will provide necessary filings to meet your deadlines.


Always stay up to date with your client’s purchase activities. Weekly purchase sales reports, monthly inventory, account balance, accounts receivables, and annual closing reports readily available. Let Matchbook Distilling Company keep a close watch on your everyday business, so you can focus on growing it.

Logistics Management

Matchbook Distilling Company allows your product to be picked up at its point of production. No transfer or clearing at other facilities, allow Matchbook to arrange for outbound ground and air transportation. Our internal and external teams work to find you the best rate at its highest frequency of delivery days for a safe and secure transport.

Pay Cycle Management

Allow Matchbook Distilling Company to manage your back office cash cycle as your brand grows its awareness and velocity. Invoices to purchaser at state filed prices, payments for third party approved expenses, and relevant state excise taxes are necessities for bringing a new spirit brand to life. Having us collect funds from your accounts allows you to focus on what is important for the future.

Customer Service

Matchbook’s dedicated Account Managers will manage all aspects of customer service for all products. Everything from initial communications confirming orders and delivery instructions, to customer inquiries and confirmed product deliveries, our team at Matchbook is not only available for you, but also for your clients.


As brands grow, having an understanding of account activity is vital for pivoting and staying nimble. Matchbook’s record keeping of payments, product reorders, and monthly reconciliations of your account – allow you to get net positive royalties from your brand, which is the right type of closing to a month everyone likes to have.

Wholesale Direct to New York Retailers

Order Processing

Have a dedicated Account Manager support the full spectrum of your ordering process. From submitting proper price filing and brand registration per desired state of distribution product to authorized NY retailers. Allow our Account Managers to assist in onboarding new clients of your brand and see them through continued reorders.


As your wholesaler, Matchbook arranges for all pickups of product at its place of production to its end licensed retailer. Whether its ground freight or international ocean freight, we will coordinate and track your product to ensure its good standing delivery.