Recipe Development, Proof of Concept, and Small Batch Productions

Research and Development

Sourcing Ingredients

Sourcing agriculture is more important than ever now. Finding the highest standards in farmers to partner with is our number one priority here at Matchbook. We believe in investing in regenerative and organic practices… Because it starts in the soil.

Distilling Trials

Production trials are crucial to understanding how your final liquid is going to taste. We take the time and necessary steps to ensure your final formula is to desired spec for all aspects of your project.

Small Batch Productions

Matchbook is equipped to bring projects to life – from concept to scaled commercial volume. We work closely with you to understand your needs to produce, age, and fill your small runs on demand.

Designers and Printhouses

People drink with their eyes today just as much as their palates and minds. At Matchbook we have a series of designers and print houses that fit your creative and printing needs. We look to pair our clients up with the skill sets that will deliver great partnerships as projects come to life.

Packaging Suppliers

We stock select bottle shapes and stoppers or can source from our brokers and manufacturers. The choices are endless, for whatever style and shape of vessel you want your liquid to live in.