Create Your Own Gin Experience.

Matchbook Distilling Company invites you to an innovative and intimate experience with the minds and palates behind all of our liquids. Learn how to properly nose and taste spirits, as well as dive into the science of distilling.

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The Apothecary

This ninety-minute spirit production journey with our team is a true educational process that will help you identify flavor profiles and train the memory to recognize them as our time together unfolds. Choosing from a variety of botanicals, allowing you to exercise creativity and truly put your own stamp on your blend. After blending and arriving at an ideal taste, you will scale your formula of intended flavors, to a full size 750ml bottle that can be taken home.

Learn About Botanicals

You’ll learn to build and use multiple botanicals to build gin profiles!

Explore & Taste Gin

At Matchbook we macerate and distill single botanical spirits. Maceration is the process of putting a botanical into a high proof spirit for a period of time. Then its distilled again into a single botanical gin.


Private Events

A Spontaneous weekend away from the city, planned milestone celebratory occasion, or a constant furthering of one’s palate – what better way to process flavors and leave with a full-size blend of your signature gin then with a large group taking over the whole space for yourselves. Ten of your closet friends and family can gather throughout the entire space as your own. Enjoy the time spent together in private during this exclusive experience.